Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back is a unique program that was created to help men and women of all ages reconcile their broken relationships. The obvious twist is that this is done not with personal visits or phone calls, but using only text messages (for a while, at least). As strange as this may sound, the course has received spectacular reviews from readers and continues to be a best-seller. The author of the guide, Michael Fiore, explains that texting is a superb method of communication for the purpose of re-establishing a strong emotional connection with a former lover.

text your ex back productHow Does It Work?

The SMS communications readers learn in the course are very carefully crafted. They are designed to relay specific ideas at crucial times, and ultimately to rekindle the emotions that the relationship was initially built on. Of course, if there are still fresh wounds, grudges, hurt feelings and animosity between you and your ex, those emotions must be diffused before any real progress can be made.

Text Your Ex Back lays out a specific formula to follow based on the current situation you are facing. Whether your relationship ended last week or last year, the system will guide you through the process of making contact, healing wounds, fostering intimacy and reconciling your failed relationship.

A Customized Approach

Text Your Ex Back works so well because it can be tailored to fit any set of circumstances. Every relationship is unique, as is every breakup, so a one size fits all approach is of little use. Fiore teaches readers how to navigate through the various subsets of SMS messages and modify them to fit their unique needs.

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There is an established formula that accurately predicts exactly what your ex needs to hear from you at a given time in order to become more amenable to reconciliation. This formula is used to determine the timing and sequence of communications you will send.

Why SMS Messages?

Sending SMS messages may seem a peculiar way to communicate about something as emotionally charged as an intimate relationship. However, the basic, bare bones nature of texting is what makes it ideal. When emotions are high, people have a tendency to say things that they later regret. Many attempts at reconciliation fail when the conversation gets heated. Nasty, insulting or hurtful things are said, and whatever chance there was of a reunion quickly wanes.

Communication via ms messages allows you to carefully edit what you do and do not say. This prevents inflammatory comments that hinder progress from slipping out as they can in a verbal conversation. All of the messages you will be sending are deliberate in their content, and this is why the system is so effective.

Step By Step

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There is more than one step involved in winning back your ex. The messages in Text Your Ex back are intended to help you successfully progress through each of these stages. The first step involves tempering any negative emotions between the two of you. This is often the most difficult step in the process, especially for recent breakups.

The issues that caused your breakup must be dealt with, and you must both come to feel that things would be different if you gave things another shot. Once things have calmed down, your efforts will move toward re-establishing a strong emotional connection. As the connection strengthens, the messages become more personal and intimate, and you move closer to getting back together.

Impressive Track Record

Having a relationship fail can be emotionally devastating. The heartbreak is especially difficult to bear when one of the parties involved is still deeply in love with the other and committed to making things work. Text Your Ex Back has helped thousands of couples heal old wounds and enjoy satisfying new relationships. The methods may seem unorthodox, but the course has stood the test of time because it consistently produces positive results.

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Tips to get over a Breakup

There is no question that breakups are tough but getting over a breakup and moving on, is the only way that you can be happy again. This is easier said than done especially if you have been with somebody for a long time and they are no longer in your life but these “how to get over a breakup” tips, should help you in beating the breakup blues.


1. Erase your ex from your life – So you and your partner have broke up but there are probably lots of little reminders of what you once had, laying around the place? So get rid of the presents, the cards and more importantly – delete their contact details. This means phone numbers, email address anything that gives you a method to get in touch. Just having these things around will make you want to get in contact with them and no good can come from that.

2. Keep yourself busy – It’s so important to get out of the house and hang out with your friends after a difficult breakup. Friends will help you get through what is a very difficult time in your life and doing fun activities will keep your mind elsewhere.

3. Stop obsessing about your ex – Don’t analyze the situation over and over again, why you broke up, how you can get back together.etc. Just stop, if you are meant to be, your paths might cross again but for now remember that an ex is an ex for a reason.

4. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself – This could be anything from giving yourself a makeover to doing a hobby that you have wanted to try for ages. Doing something like this will show you that you are your own person and that there are plenty more fish in the sea who would be lucky to have you!

5. Write down your feelings – You will be amazed just how good writing down how you feel can help you deal with your emotions. If you feel like you are boring your friends with the same topic of conversation over and over, this can be another outlet for your emotions. Pretend you are writing to your ex but don’t actually give your musings to them obviously! Writing down things is like a load off your chest and you will feel so much better for it, so when you are having a particularly bad day put pen to paper and let the words flow.

6. Stay active – Exercise releases feel good endorphins which instantly put you in a better mood, this combined with the fact that exercise can help you lose weight and feel much more confident is definitely a bonus!

7. Get back out there when you are ready – Do not rush into dating again but when you feel like enough time has past and you are a stronger person, go for it. Dating new people can make you see that there are many people out there who are attractive, fun and everything that you need. Whether you find something casual to keep you entertained or something more long term, the best way to get over somebody is to find somebody new.

Signs My Ex Wants Me Back

Has your ex popped back into your life recently? Is he dropping subtle hints that he may be interested in getting back together? How do you know whether he has romance on his mind or he is just being friendly? If he is like most guys, he is keeping his cards close and playing it coy. It is up to you to decipher his gestures of kindness and figure out what his true intentions are. Men have a habit of behaving rather strangely in situations such as this, so you may have to read between the lines to determine what his intentions are.

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Get Him Talking

You can learn an awful lot from a simple conversation, so this may be the only piece of advice you need to get the truth. There is no need to turn it into an interrogation. In fact, what you talk about if of little importance. You will get your answer not from what he says, but how he says it. Pay attention to his demeanour and body language. Is he making eye contact often? Is he using the conversation to flirt with you or gauge your level of interest? The longer you talk, the more he will reveal whether he wants to or not.

Extra Effort

For guys, effort usually correlates with interest. You can usually determine how a guy feels by the level of effort he is making. Does he often show up where he knows you will be? Does he go out of his way to spend time with you? If you change your hair or wear a nice dress, is he quick to complement you? Individual occurrences are less telling than the big picture, so look for patterns of behaviour that reveal a degree of interest beyond friendship. His actions should reflect his intentions no matter how subtle he is trying to be.


Guys often work their way up to asking for a formal date by inviting a girl to group social events they will be attending. If your ex regularly invites you to hang out with him and his friends, he may be feeling you out or laying the foundation for a more personal request. Sure, he may just be acting friendly, but if he is constantly trying to spend time with you even in a group setting it does suggest that he may have romance on his mind.

Phone a Friend

You may be too close to the situation to get an accurate read, but your girlfriends are not. Ask them what kind of vibes they pick up when they are around you and your ex. More often than not, close girlfriends are the most valuable assets in situations such as this. If you have tried the above mentioned methods but are still unsure what your ex is up to, call for some backup. A little bit of female intuition goes a long way, and your friends will likely be more than happy to help you out.